Which free online shop to use?

At Henry Internet, as part of our hosting package, we offer 6 different web shop solutions, all but one remaining a free (of additional cost) service.

We have selected to promote Ecwid shop, as our preferred shop because it offers so much more than the standard shop.

It stands apart by providing the most robust, market leading, reliable and easy to use web shop that we have found. It makes buying from you so simple and then processing the order easy from any location. You can link it into your existing website, sell on Facebook and embed into various web site solutions like WordPress and Joomla. 

The free version gets you up and running but many will need to upgrade to a paid (yet low cost) service. Better still you are not tied into any type of long agreement, just a month at a time and move back to a free service at any time you wish.

We can provide, or you can simply create your own on-line shop using the link below.

If suitable we can also assist in imbedding the shop in your website.

A very short introduction to our Ecwid shop