Hello, this is Henry Internet.



Website Design & Creation.

Online Shops.

No internet guru's required here, tell us want you need and we will do it.

We simply provide everything you need, get you up and running. You can update the site yourself or we can do it for you.

Contact us to arrange a free initial consultation where we will discuss your requirements, possible solutions and provide some estimates to ensure you feel comfortable with our prices. We are often able to provide your solution using no-cost / low-cost templates, delivering a highly effective site, at minimal cost.

We advise and can procure on your behalf domains names.

We provide market leading, robust, reliable and competitively priced online services including website and email hosting.

As mentioned you possibly don't want to "do-it-yourself from scratch" so please ask about our web site design, creation and maintenance services.

Our solutions can encompass content management systems, email campaigns, blogs and online stores that you can update yourselves or with our assistance.

Unlike many other hosting companies, with our web solutions you are always in control, you can amend your website, add email addresses etc. without incurring additional cost. Although we work hard for you, if you decide you wish to leave us, we will not to hinder you, we will instead assist you in the belief that you may one day wish to return.